Dear Parents,

The holidays are near and our school is running a holiday shop! Students will
have the opportunity to choose their own, inexpensive, quality gifts for family
and friends during school hours.

Wonderland Gift Shoppes is designed to be a safe, kid-centered environment
where they can learn how to budget and spend wisely, while also
experiencing “the gift of giving”.

The shop will be set up in the school soon!* Gift prices range from $.25 - $.50
on up, with 70% of gifts priced under $6 and all gifts under $20.

Your child will bring home a Budget Envelope which will allow you and your
child to decide together how much to spend on gifts.

Introducing Wonderland Gift Cards

Parents, family members and friends are now able to sponsor your
child from afar without sending cash in the mail.
Visit our website for more details.