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ASE Spring Registration

ASE class registration is open now and will close Saturday, January 14 at 5pm.


Program Dates: classes begin the week of January 30th (12 week program)

**SDHC non-student days: February 10th, February 20th, March 13-17th, April 14th

  • Monday: Start January 30th & end May 1st (NO class Feb 20th, March 13th)
  • Tuesday: Start January 31st & end April 25th (NO class March 14th)
  • Wednesday: Start February 1st & end April 26th (NO class March 15th)
  • Thursday: Start February 2nd & end April 27th (NO class March 16th)
  • Friday: Start February 3rd & end May 12th (NO class Feb 10th, March 17th, April 14th)