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Updates to Lego League - NOW with Ms. Buckley! - and Hip Hop - NOW with Cheer Dance and All Sports: Now includes Four Square


Parents must enroll each child individually on the registration website. Parents ARE able to add multiple classes for multiple students to the cart, completing registration/payment once all desired classes have been selected.

Outside Vendors and Mabry Teachers are UNABLE to enroll students or make exceptions to policy on waitlist or sold out classes. See below for registration information, waitlist procedure, and ASE policies.

Snack and cooking classes are not suitable for children with food allergies or special dietary requirements.

REGISTRATION BEGINS: Friday, January 24 at 6pm
REGISTRATION ENDS: Wednesday, January 29 at 6pm

Program Dates: classes begin the week of February 10-14 and end May 11

*School non-student days:

Monday (10 sessions): Start February 10 & end May 11 (NO class 2/17, 3/2, 3/16, 4/20)* - 12:55-2:00pm
Tuesday (12 sessions): Start February 11 & end May 5 (NO class 3/17)* - 1:55-3:00pm
Wednesday (12 sessions): Start February 12 & end May 6 (NO class 3/18)* - 1:55-3:00pm
Thursday (12 sessions): Start February 13 & end May 7 (NO class 3/19)* - 1:55-3:00pm
Friday (11 sessions): Start February 14 & end May 8 (NO class 3/20, 4/10)* - 1:55-3:00pm


Waitlist Procedure

Many ASE classes fill quickly once registration is open. Once a class is added to the cart, parents have 15 minutes to complete registration. During registration, especially during the first hour, if a desired class shows as full, continue to check back. will release classes as the completion time limit (15 minutes) expires.

WAITLIST - Parents may complete the waitlist form at This form will go live at 6:30 pm on January 24, 2020. You are able to place up to four students/siblings on the waitlist using this form. Your response is automatically time stamped when you hit submit.

Open spots will be filled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis AFTER 6:30 pm. Vendors/teachers CANNOT add students to classes. Any open spots WILL ONLY be filled through the email waitlist.

Drop/Add Policy

Refunds will be offered only for withdrawal from class during the registration period. During the registration window (January 24-29, 2020), parents may contact [email protected]. Once classes begin, no changes to the roster can be made. This is FINAL.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend ASE each week unless an absence is noted through the front office. ASE Day Coordinators are NOT responsible to locate children if they do not want to attend class. ASE is not a substitute for afterschool care.


It is the parent’s /guardian’s responsibility to arrange transportation home for their child unless they are enrolled in Mabry’s HOST program.

  • HOST after school program
  • CARLINE: Parents use the back of the school pick-up line from Neptune (in front of the lunch room). Do not block the walkway. A hang tag with your children(s) name and class will make pick up expedient. These tags are free and may be picked up from the office. DO NOT park and walk up unless instructed to do so.
  • PARENT WALK UP: Parents must PARK on Estrella or side streets and WALK UP to the main office courtyard area. For safety reasons, NO PARKING in the horseshoe (at the front of the school) for ASE Pickup. All parents parking in horseshoe will be told to move their vehicle before s/he may pick up student/s.

Day coordinators will release student ONLY after verification of student to parent/guardian.


Code of Conduct

Please note that Mabry’s code of conduct applies to every ASE class. Classes are held on school property and children are expected to behave in an appropriate manner whether class is taught by a Mabry teacher/faculty or outside vendor.

First offense/disruption: Instructor or ASE Chair contacts parent regarding disruption.
Second offense/disruption will result in suspension of one or more classes.
Third disruption: Removal from the class and/or program with no fees refunded.

* The safety of the children is the main concern. Mabry PTA and administration reserves the right to combine and/or skip steps depending on the circumstances of each situation, nature of the offense, and/or previous issues in other ASE classes.