Dear Mabry Families,

In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff we will be implementing new safety procedures at Mabry Elementary this school year. We are thrilled to announce that Officer Spencer will join us from the Tampa Police Department until a trained school security officer has been assigned. He will be on campus during all student hours to support us in our safety measures.

Keeping in line with the new district protocol, we will be limiting access to our campus.

The new procedures will have a significant impact on student arrival. We are asking for your support in following all school safety protocols.

As we begin to implement the new procedures, the timeline will be as follows:

  • From Friday August 10th – Friday, August 17th parents may escort students to their classroom
  • During the week of Monday, August 20th – Friday, August 25th only Kindergarteners may be escorted to class (Kindergarten parents must receive a pass to do so during this week from the office by signing in with a valid ID).
  • Beginning Monday, August 27th all students should enter campus independently through the designated gate. Extra faculty, patrols and our officer will be available to assist if needed.
  • All car riders and walkers must enter and leave our campus through the main gates on Estrella Street, the back walker gate on Neptune, or the bus ramp gate by the cafeteria. We strongly encourage you to use our drop off lines.
  • All visitors to our school must report directly to the Main Office and sign in using a valid Driver’s License, State or Military ID.

It is imperative that we know who is on our campus at all times. We are requesting that all parents or visitors with scheduled appointments or those who plan to volunteer must sign in immediately upon arrival.

We value the strong sense of community at Mabry and realize that this is a big change for all of us. We are certain you will appreciate and support all measures to increase the safety and security of your children.

We look forward to a successful school year!

Sheri Frick, Principal