The Mabry PTA was able to award two scholarships this year, and are pleased to recognize the following Mabry Alumni students:

Alixandra Rubin will be receiving the $1000 scholarship. She is a student at the top of her class with a near perfect ACT score. She plans to attend Georgia Tech to major in Biomedical Engineering. Alixandra credits her Mabry teachers for pushing her and encouraging team work, and remarked specifically on Mrs. Grossman for learning how to approach problems holistically, which has made an impact on problem solving, not only in math and school, but in finding everyday solutions too. Alixandra is a National Merit Scholar, and it appears she received nearly every academic accolade possible, was a member of the Mayor's Youth Corps, Captain of the Cross Country and Track & Field Teams, and Volunteer Coordinator for You Go Girl - just to name a few. She was the clear, and very deserving, winner among the committee.

A $500 scholarship will also be awarded to Fabrizio Martins. He plans to attend the University of Central Florida to major in Computer Science. The committee was compelled by his thoughtful essay in which he reflected on how easy it was to transition into Mabry as a 2nd grader because of the friendly and encouraging environment. He then went on to focus on the music program at Mabry and how much it inspired his interest in music. Fabrizio has been a member of his school's orchestra and music programs since 6th grade, and is currently a Board member of Plant's selective Chamber orchestra. He is proficient in not only several instruments, but several languages as well. We know this candidate will be grateful for being awarded a scholarship as well.

And a huge thank you to the individuals that served on the committee: Lauren Gibson, Donna Trakas, Shirley Geldfeld, Sierra Iwanicki, Brett Johnson.

Congratulations Alixandra and Fabrizio!