What an amazing auction Mabry held on Saturday. It wouldn't have been possible without our teachers and parents who give so much of their time.
Monday March 6th at 8am in the Mabry Cafeteria we will hold a brief General Membership Meeting.  The purpose of this meeting that has been called by the Mabry Executive Board will be to vote to approve  next years' nominating committee.   Both PTA members who are teachers and parents alike are needed to help nominate next years' officers. The time commitment is short.  We need volunteers for one month to be a part of our 2017-18 Nominating Committee.  Nominating committee helps seek out and review the candidates to serve as officers for next years' PTA at Mabry.  Officers will be elected at our April 27th General Membership Meeting.  If you want to be on Nominating committee, we are moving fast so contact us today!
If you don't have the time now to give back, would you be willing to get more involved next year? Our nominating committee will be looking for you!! Look for the Willingness to Serve Form to be released soon to see where you can plug in to our AMAZING TEAM! Interested in learning more? Email Melissa MacKinnon at mabryptapresident@gmail.com.  Don't wait!  Let us know today where you can serve!