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International Walk/Bike to School Day

October 5th is International Walk/Bike to School Day. Mabry is excited to participate and we welcome parents and students to make this fun physical fitness endeavor a priority and a way to spend quality time together to start the day off right. Please be advised pedestrian routes and safety tips have gone home with students in their Friday folders. Also of importance, we ask all bikers to either ring a bell warning pedestrians they are behind them or to call out loudly "passing on your right or passing on your left." We also want to stress the importance of bikers getting off their bikes and walking them across school crosswalks/streets, and on pedestrian crowded sidewalks, like Estrella, at peak walking hours. Finally, we need the help of all car drivers to be alert and watching for pedestrians and bikers to keep our school safe. If you notice other drivers running crosswalks and speeding through school zones, please take down their license plates and report them. Together we can keep our Mabry students safe and encourage the great fitness and physical and mental health benefits that come with walking and biking to school. Go Mabry!

Brought to you by the PTA Walk To School and Safety Committees