The Mabry PTA is partnering with Tampa Yard Greetings to raise funds for the school while also providing an activity to encourage the Mabry community to learn about our neighbors and get outside and WALK! The winner of the Fall Auction “Name Mabry’s Dolphin” item has named our beloved mascot Tony for the year.

How it Works:

For this event, Mabry families can sponsor signs featuring our dolphin, Tony, to place in their yards (or, if desired, on school property). Family and friends can also sponsor dolphins if they want to join in. The PTA will create walking routes through Mabry’s neighborhoods. All Mabry families, whether they sponsored a dolphin or not, are encouraged to follow Tony’s Trek through our neighborhoods each Saturday and Sunday in April to find Tony out and about!

Signs (and T-shirts!) are on sale now, ending March 5, 2021.

The objective of Tony's Trek is simple - to raise money for our school while getting moving and having fun safely!  Plus, friendly competition between families and classes and raffle prizes don't hurt either.

Every family is encouraged to go to the link above to register for the walk.  Families who sponsor dolphins or buy t-shirts will automatically be registered. On April 1st, a trivia form will be distributed to all registered families.  

Every family that registers will get one entry into our raffle. Each t-shirt purchase will count as 2 raffle entries. Dolphin sponsorships will generate additional raffle entries. 

Raffle winners will be picked on May 5th and win fun prizes! Class participation prizes will also be handed out!

Please visit our PTA website for all the details.