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Estrella and Hubert Safety Improvement

Are you a family who walks to school and finds the crosswalk on Estrella (at Hubert) unsafe for your children?  We need your help to request a safety improvement to this high traffic area in front of our school.  We are partnering with our neighbors at Coleman Middle School to make an improvement to our area!
The ask:  Please make this intersection a 3 way stop.  Additionally, please place bulb out areas at the ends the crosswalk area so that cars can see the children who are waiting to cross at the crosswalk.  Ultimately, we would like to see sidewalks also added to the south side of Estrella.
How Can You Help?
We need you to communicate to our decision makers locally!  Please send an email with the specific ask above and use your own personal story or experience to help our decision makers understand exactly why we need this change.  
1.  Send an email to the City of Tampa.  Emails should be directed to Brian Canipe ([email protected] ) and Heba Nasralla ([email protected] ) with the City of Tampa's traffic safety team for this area.
2.  Send a message to our Mayor through the mayor's office, here. You can mention that you know she supports walking to school, but here is why it's not safe for your child.
3.  Post about this issue and ask on your social media page, be sure to tag our decision makers and include photos if you can.
Our Advocacy Chair is always here to help you with any questions you may have, please send an email to [email protected].