We asked...You answered! 
Thank you to all who took the time to complete the Mabry PTA Spring Survey and to all who considered serving the Mabry PTA next year. 
Over 160 individuals completed the survey and of the five choices given, below is the order of most importance on how to spend any overage to this year's budget. 
1st Mini Grant Program
2nd Landscaping
3rd Cafeteria Improvements
4th Art Program Upgrades
5th Savings
Thank you to the Nomination Committee who fielded many phone calls and questions while they worked to recruit volunteers for this year's officer positions. The Nominations for Mabry PTA Officers 2017-18 are:
President: Melissa MacKinnon
1st VP Programs and Services: Kelly McGraw
2nd VP Volunteers & Membership: Brandi Whitney
3rd VP Fundraising: Anne Williams
4th VP Communications: Nikki Armstrong
Recording Secretary: Rachel Leach
Treasures: Jen Chan
These results are not complete without a vote from the general membership.  Please help make that happen Thursday, April 27th at 6pm in the Mabry Cafeteria
We are happy to offer supervision for children at the Pavilion from Coach Broff and teaching intern Mr. Brill as they utilize new lacrosse equipment that was purchased this year through the Mini Grant Program for the PE department.  Look for more details and a Signup Genius in this weekend's Mabry Minute. Thanks again for all your support and feedback!