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Relay for Life T-shirt Design Contest

How would you like your design to be on the front of the Mabry
Relay for Life t-shirt? If the answer is yes, then you should enter

the t-shirt design contest.

Requirements to enter the contest:

1. There is a $10 donation for each entry.
2. Must include the theme:

Mabry Dolphins have hope for a cure

3. Must use 3 colors or less.
4. Design must be drawn by the student on a piece of white 8 x 11
copy paper.
5. Name and grade level must be on the back of the drawing.

You may enter more than one time.

Each entry is a $10 donation to the American Cancer Society.
If paying by check please make it out to the American Cancer Society.

Turn your t-shirt design in to your homeroom teacher.
The deadline is Friday, November 9, 2018!

Please be creative!

5th Grade Yearbook Tribute

November 2, 2018

Hurry! Go to to reserve your child’s tribute today!

Don’t miss your chance to reserve a tribute for everyone to see.

Only one half (1/2) page allowable per student.
Buy your yearbook and tribute today!
5 th Grade Tributes (Yearbook not included)

1/2 Page Tribute- $50
1/4 Page Tribute- $30


$25 per yearbook (In addition to tribute cost)
Go to to place your order

by January 18, 2019.

You must order online, checks or cash will not be accepted at school.
Once you pay for the tribute you will receive instructions on how to create the tribute.

Tributes due by January 23, 2019.

Tributes must be turned in on a disc or a thumb drive.

Email tributes will not be accepted.

Red Ribbon Week

October 20, 2018

10/22-10/26 is Mabry's Red Ribbon Week.  It is your child's pledge to make healthy choices and say no to drugs! Get excited because we have some awesome activities.
  • Monday wear red, white, and blue to show that you are a drug free citizen.  Sign the drug free pledge and receive a spirit stick!
  • Tuesday put a lid on drugs by wearing your favorite hat.
  • Wednesday let's team up against drugs by wearing your favorite team jersey.
  • Thursday wear red to show your support in leading a drug free life.
  • Friday sock it to drugs and wear mismatched or crazy socks.

Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention campaign that started in 1985 after a kidnapping and murder of a DEA agent by the name of Enrique Camarena. People began wearing red ribbons to support and pledge to lead drug free lives in honor of the sacrifices that Enrique made for his country. Check out the links below for more information and ways to be involved the family in Red Ribbon Week

Bully Prevention Week

October 14, 2018

It's not cool to be cruel! Mabry has chosen this week, October 15-19, as Bullying Prevention Week at our school. The goal is for all students to understand and apply the "The 3 R's of Bullying: Recognize, Refuse and Report."  
Recognize: Know what bullying is, and what it is not. Bullying is repeated, targeted behavior over time, done on purpose, where there is an imbalance of power. Bullying is not a one-time conflict or a disagreement. It's important to know the difference.
Refuse: Stand tall and in a firm voice, tell the person to STOP. When you refuse bullying, you are rejecting or saying no to bullying behavior. Stand up for others. Be an UPSTANDER, not a BYSTANDER!                 
Report: Speak up and tell a trusted adult. Do not keep bullying a secret. It's everyone's responsibility to report bullying when it is happening.

You can explore more about bullying prevention  with your children through this website. See also the district's policy on bully and harassment prevention and reporting.

Before school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, have your child stop by the front of the school to sign the anti-bully pledge and receive a sticker! Each pledge signed will become a part of a unity chain we hang in the cafeteria. Let's show each other what kindness is and that we will not tolerate bullying!