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Book Fair Coming 9/24 - 9/28

September 15, 2018

The Scholastic Fall Book Fair will be at Mabry from Monday, Sept 24 - Friday, Sept 28 during school hours for the students to shop. Due to new school safety procedures, there will be no before school shopping with your child.

Families will be able to shop together on Monday, 9/24 from 1:30-3:30pm and again all afternoon and evening on Thursday, 9/27 throughout conference night. The teacher with the most families who attend both events will receive $20 Scholastic Dollars to spend on his/her classroom.

This year the new digital payment option is available at Mabry! Sign up for eWallet! Simply follow this link to set up an account and the funds will be immediately available for your child. Safe and secure! No cash, no checks, no hassle!! This will come in extremely handy if your child will be shopping without you during school hours.

Dolphin Depot is Restocked!

September 15, 2018

The Dolphin Depot has been restocked! Place your order online by 9/24 to guarantee delivery on 9/28. New adult sizes in the Friday Dri Fit Spirit shirt now available. 

Car Rider Parent Procedures

August 24, 2018


Cars will line up in a single file line in the back of the school heading east on Neptune. The first car will begin at the stop sign at the beginning of the car loop. The only car that can pull in ahead of other cars in the car loop is the “Queen of the Car Line”. The Queen purchased this spot at the PTA auction.
All parents will join the car line at the end. The car line builds westward on Neptune, then wraps southward straight down Manhattan. The easiest way to join the car line is by traveling north on Manhattan. Please pull up to the car in front of you. Please do not leave any gaps between cars as this causes confusion. Please do not pull in front of other cars waiting in line.
Please do not block intersections or crosswalks. Please be extra careful at the intersections of Hubert/Neptune, Hubert/Estrella, and Estrella/Manhattan where children will be crossing the road. The crossing guard cannot cross walkers if cars are blocking the intersection.  

To make the afternoon dismissal a little quicker for parents, we would like to ask you to follow the following times for the car line arrival:
Kindergarten & 1st In line before 1:45
2 nd & 3 rd Arrive at 1:55
4 th & 5 th Arrive at 2:05
Patrols Arrive at 2:15
**For families picking up more than one child, choose the arrival time for your oldest child.
The traffic pattern for our school was developed by Risk Management services from the Hillsborough Public School District.