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Dear Mabry Families,

In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff we will be implementing new safety procedures at Mabry Elementary this school year. We are thrilled to announce that Officer Spencer will join us from the Tampa Police Department until a trained school security officer has been assigned. He will be on campus during all student hours to support us in our safety measures.

Keeping in line with the new district protocol, we will be limiting access to our campus.

The new procedures will have a significant impact on student arrival. We are asking for your support in following all school safety protocols.

As we begin to implement the new procedures, the timeline will be as follows:

  • From Friday August 10th – Friday, August 17th parents may escort students to their classroom
  • During the week of Monday, August 20th – Friday, August 25th only Kindergarteners may be escorted to class (Kindergarten parents must receive a pass to do so during this week from the office by signing in with a valid ID).
  • Beginning Monday, August 27th all students should enter campus independently through the designated gate. Extra faculty, patrols and our officer will be available to assist if needed.
  • All car riders and walkers must enter and leave our campus through the main gates on Estrella Street, the back walker gate on Neptune, or the bus ramp gate by the cafeteria. We strongly encourage you to use our drop off lines.
  • All visitors to our school must report directly to the Main Office and sign in using a valid Driver’s License, State or Military ID.

It is imperative that we know who is on our campus at all times. We are requesting that all parents or visitors with scheduled appointments or those who plan to volunteer must sign in immediately upon arrival.

We value the strong sense of community at Mabry and realize that this is a big change for all of us. We are certain you will appreciate and support all measures to increase the safety and security of your children.

We look forward to a successful school year!

Sheri Frick, Principal

A Quick-Reference Guide for New Families

Morning Drop-Off

  • Campus Opens for Students at 7:15 am: Parents may walk their students to the classroom or drop off in carline beginning at 7:15 am. NOTE: The school is NOT open for children before 7:15, early drop-off arrangements can be made through the HOST program. More information about HOST is under “Items to Know”.
  • Morning Car Drop-Off: From Friday August 10th to Friday, August 17th, parents may escort students to their classroom. During the week of Monday, August 20th to Friday, August 25th, only Kindergarteners may be escorted to class (Kindergarten parents must receive a pass to do so during this week from the office by signing in with a valid ID). Beginning Monday, August 27th, all students should enter campus independently through the designated gate. Extra faculty, patrols and our officer will be available to assist if needed. Families can drop-off students in one of two morning carlines – both are staffed by Mabry faculty and student patrols: Front of School (off of Estella Street) or Back of School (Cafeteria, entrance on Neptune). Please refer to map in student assignment packet for proper directional flow of traffic.
  • Mabry Morning Show: The school day starts with announcements on the Mabry Morning Show at 7:35. It is a live broadcast from the Media Center hosted by students. Students typically have an opportunity to be on the Morning Show at least 1x per year.
  • Students must be on campus and in class by 7:40 am: If a student arrives after 7:40 am, he/she is considered tardy and must sign in at the front office.

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Dismissal Times: School dismisses at 12:55 pm every Monday and 1:55 pm Tuesday-Friday. If you need to check out early, please do so up until 30 minutes prior to dismissal.
  • Student Pick-Up:
    • Car Line Pick-Up: Parents pick up through the carline in the back circle off of Neptune Street. Obtain a car tag at school to write your child’s name; the line begins AT THE SIGN on Neptune Street and wraps west around Manhattan Street. Students are dismissed by grade level.
      • Car Line Leaderif you see a car with this marking, they won the bidding for this privilege at our annual Mabry Auction. This person is allowed to enter the car-line coming west on Neptune, please allow them in.
    • Parent Walk-Up: Please park IN DESIGNATED, LEGAL parking spaces on Estrella. “Walk-Up” waiting area is in the courtyard in front of school. Once the gates are opened, you may enter campus and go to the grade designated classrooms to pick up your child.
    • Walkers: Student must have parent permission to walk home as a designated walker.
      • Walkers may be dismissed from the front or back of the school.
    • Bus Riders: Information regarding bus transportation is available at school.
    • Day Care/Van Riders: Teachers will escort students for pick-up by after-care programs. The front entrance is designated for buses and day care vans only.
    • Change in Dismissal: If you want to change your pick-up method for a day or short period, you must give written notice to the teacher and front office in advance of the event.

Meals at Mabry

  • Free Breakfast Available to Students: All K-5 students are eligible for a free breakfast, available in the cafeteria beginning at 7:15 am. Students use their Student ID number to obtain breakfast.
  • Purchasing Lunch at School: Many meal options are available for students to purchase.
    • NOTE: cash is not used in the cafeteria. Pre-pay for lunches online, view the school menu and see what your child has purchased daily – a link is available on the Mabry PTA website,
  • Student Lunch Money Account Linked to Student ID Number: Students simply use their Student ID number when purchasing lunch at school – no card or cash is used during the school day. Parents may put funds in a student’s lunch account by paying online ( or via check at school.
  • Bring Lunch from Home: Students may bring lunch from home.
  • Parent Volunteers at Lunch Time: Parents and other visitors are not permitted to join students for lunch at school. However, parents are welcome – and encouraged – to volunteer in the Mabry cafeteria during lunchtime. Look for sign-up as school begins, via the Mabry Minute and on our PTA website.

Important Items to Know

  • Mabry PTA Website: All important dates and information will be disseminated via the PTA website. Book mark it and make it a regular site to visit
  • “Mabry Minute” is packed with critical information: The “Mabry Minute” is a weekly email newsletter – packed with information for families. Sign-up through the website.
  • Mabry PTA is on Facebook: The official “Mabry Elementary PTA” Facebook page posts important, real-time updates – “like” the official Mabry page today!
  • School Uniform and Friday Spirit Days: School uniform guidelines are posted on the Mabry website (red, navy or white collared shirt, khaki or navy skirt, pants or shorts—no denim, navy leggings are allowed). On “Spirit” Fridays, students may wear a Mabry Shirt OR their uniform collared shirts. Mabry spirit t-shirts may be purchased through the school’s spirit shop – called the “Dolphin Depot.”
  • Dolphin Depot: Mabry’s spirit shop – the Dolphin Depot –is open at major school events (in the cafeteria on Meet the Teacher Day). Items may also be purchased by viewing them on the Mabry website and purchasing online.
  • HOST—Morning and After-School Care: Both morning and after-school care is available onsite for Mabry students via the HOST program. A link to more information is available on the Mabry website. HOST:
  • Dads’ Club: A group of Mabry dads that organizes various events during the year. Contact Nelson Bosque for more information: [email protected]
  • Mabry PTA Wants YOU! There are many ways to be involved at Mabry – for one hour, one day or the year. Look for more information in your FIRST DAY PACKETS about your Mabry PTA!
  • Sync your calendar - Be in the know, go to the Mabry PTA website for instructions on syncing your calendar. If you go to the website, click calendar, then the subscribe button - instructions pop up.

Look for ‘First Day Packet!’

  • Important Information Sent Home on First Day of School: A packet of information from the school and district will be sent home with your student on the first day of school. This includes more detailed information on many items outlined in this document.
  • Dismissal: You will designate a first week dismissal route and a routine dismissal route on the meet the teacher day. Any changes need to be communicated to the teacher and front office.
  • Communication: You will receive your teacher communication preference on the first day of school. Email addresses for faculty can be found on the website and online directory. Access and additions to the online school directory will go out in the first day packet.
  • Continue to Visit the Mabry PTA Website: Best PLACE for ALL Information is found via the Mabry PTA website:

Welcome to Mabry Elementary School!

We are excited to announce that Mabry Elementary has been named a National PTA School of Excellence! As a National PTA School of Excellence, Mabry Elementary made significant progress to welcome and empower families to support student success and school improvements during the course of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mabry Elementary joins an elite group of schools recognized by the National PTA for its partnership with families through PTA to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.

Attention New Mabry Families:

Please join us at the annual Popsicles in the Park event on Sunday, August 5th from 12-2pm at Friendship Park (rain or shine). All Pre-K, Kindergarten and new families to Mabry are invited! This event is a great way to meet other families and receive valuable information about Mabry, the PTA and other programs. In addition, the Dolphin Depot (our school spirit store) will be open for business where families can buy Mabry uniforms and the school spirit shirts. We are looking forward to seeing you there!