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To receive the Mabry Minute, Mabry's email newsletter, please login to the school directory through our Membership Toolkit, at Create an account (if you are a future Mabry parent please indicate that in your info when asked to choose grade level).  Once your account is created you will be prompted to subscribe to the Mabry Minute. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

New and exciting this year we are also holding a golden ticket raffle for a chance to have your pick of any silent auction item! Golden tickets are $50 and we are only selling a limited number. The winner will be announced on the morning show Wednesday February 21. Golden tickets raffle details can be found here. For a taste of what is up for grabs, visit our auction preview site.

Now till Feb 8th students will be learning about maintaining a healthy heart while doing jump rope activities at PE classes.  Along with this unit goes a fund raiser for the American Heart Association.  Last year, Mabry came in 2nd in the county and 5th in the state of Florida for raising money.  Donations can be collected by checks or online.  Students can earn more prizes by collecting on line.  For checks, please make them out to American Heart Association.  For all cash donations, please convert to a check before turning in packet. 


For more information or on line activities, you can visit

Or you can contact a coach at [email protected]

                                                        [email protected]

Key dates

Feb 8th – all packets and donations are due

Feb 14th – DJ Party for all students who raises $25 or more

Eat at the South Tampa Village Inn any time day or night and Village Inn will donate 50% of the proceeds back to Mabry! Visit Barnes & Noble next door & your purchase will benefit Mabry as well!

At Village Inn, simply write Mabry Elementary on your receipt and/or let the cashier know you are there to support our school. Stay tuned on more details of this night including our math department offering fun math games to our guests, Mabry teachers reading at Barnes & Noble and possible art activities as well. This is a very fun and tasty way to help our school. No cooking and a night of fun spent with Mabry families, teachers and administration--what more can you ask for?!


Mark your calendars!  January
10-12 at drop-off and pick-up in both the front and back of school Mabry
Auction team members will be there collecting any and all unused & unopened
"regifts" as well as empty baskets.