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Welcome to the Wellness Corner

This year, we are finding all sorts of ways to support wellness with our students.  Check the Mabry minute for weekly fitness challenges and be sure to log ALL of your wellness activities in the wellness log linked here:

Classes will compete against each other all year long - the classes with the most participation will win prizes!

Florida Fresh Fridays

Do you know what farm your food comes from? The Mabry Elementary Student Nutrition Program does! Our school lunches feature Florida Fresh Fridays with fruit and vegetable options grown on local farms. This month will feature fresh star fruit (That’s right! Star fruit!) from Unity Groves in Homestead, FL and green beans from Pero Family Farms in Del Ray Beach, Florida. Click the links to learn more about each farm. Save time, save money, and eat local - encourage your kids to buy lunch and participate in Florida Fresh Fridays! Be well.

Walk to School


Join us in our new weekly 4-part Wellness Wednesday Challenge! A monthly prize will be awarded to the class with the most participation! 



Students that are attending in person are encouraged to continue to walk or bike to school on Wednesdays as we did last year.  Parents and family members may walk or bike to school with their children but they may not enter our campus, per our safety policy.  We will no longer be providing punch cards at the gates, but we will post a link each week that kids and parents can fill out for credit.  Skip the carlines and join us beginning September 9th! 


Students that are in our elearning program are encouraged to walk around their neighborhood for 15-30 minutes on Wednesdays.  That option can be checked in our weekly link as well! 


Each week, we will provide a “Superhero Challenge” graphic with exercises that students can do at home, either by themselves or with their parents! These are fitness exercises designed to get our kids moving and exercising at home.  If you are unsure of how to do an exercise, a Google search will provide many videos about each exercise we list.  We also included a “Chore of the Week” to encourage participating in responsibilities at home!


Our Nutrition Challenge will incorporate healthy, nourishing foods into our students’ menu.  Some examples include eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a certain amount of water, trying a new food, etc.   


We know that this year has been emotionally and mentally tough for our kids, and we’d like to start making mental health a top priority.  Each week, we will incorporate a different mental health activity to our challenge, such as meditating, deep breathing, singing or dancing, etc.